Why Raw Food Is Better Than Cooked Food

What is the purpose of eating raw food over cooked food? After all, cooking things makes them taste so much better, and often eliminates many harmful bacteria in food. Eating everything raw sounds crazy to the vast majority of the population, and it seems ridiculous that people actually commit to a lifestyle of eating only raw foods. Why would anybody do this when cooked foods taste better and have the aforementioned property of eliminating bacteria? The answer is simple, and it is that a raw food diet results in phenomenally better health and a stronger body and personality in general. The reasons for these effects are numerous and will be explained in detail.

First and foremost, if you simply eat the right kinds of raw food, you can avoid the harmful bacteria that proponents of cooking say are present in most things. All fruits and vegetables when firsdt purchased are raw, and as long as you wash them off, you are fine. And if you buy raw nuts, you can be sure that they have been made free of any contaminants. Right there is proof that you can live healthily from raw food, but that still does not explain why this would be preferable over cooked food.

The main problem with cooking is that overheating destroys nutrients. The most precious nutrients are those that have sensitive chemical bonds, which are broken quickly once heat is applied. You can lose as much as 90% (or even more than that) of the nutritional value of a food by cooking it. Since most people cook nearly everything because the process enhances taste, the majority of the population is missing out on huge quantities of vital nutrients and antioxidants that contribute to a long and healthy life. So there’s no surprise that people who eat only raw food are much healthier, since they are consistently getting the largest and highest quality nutrients that nature has to offer.

Raw foodism also excludes all processed things, which includes snack foods found in stores. These are filled with preservatives, chemicals, and refined vegetable oils that take a great toll on the body. Even vegetarians who consumes a diet with lots of these processed foods can be worse off than a meat eater who avoids them. Therefore, by using raw food, you are putting the best nutrition into your body, while eliminating everything bad.

If you try out a raw food lifestyle for less than a month, you will quickly see why people love it so much. And you don’t need to cut out cooked, processed food completely! As long as the majority of your diet is raw, you will experience the benefits. And believe me, with all the great raw recipes out there, you may find that going 100% raw is not as hard as you think!

Five Tips On Cooking Food

There can not be many individuals who do not like their food, but the human race, being what it is, I expect that there are a few of them. However, for the remainder of us, cuisine is a font of daily enjoyment and, like drink, it is frequently used to denote a celebration. not only that, but various foodstuffs are used for the various meals or distinct celebrations.

Festive meals were undoubtedly planned around the seasonal foodstuffs available, but a number of foods were ferried enormous distances for the benefit of those who could afford them. For example, my father deemed it a grand treat to get an orange in his stocking on Christmas Day sixty years back. How the times have altered! Very few kids would think an orange a present, special or not, any day of the year in our time.

Nevertheless, the storage of food is still a daily concern and subsequently, I have written a few good tips on preserving food underneath, so that you will obtain the best from that which you have purchased or grown in your garden even a long while later.

Chicken Stuffed With Spoons: a great way of preparing chicken to be eaten at a cold buffet or in sandwiches, is to put as many spoons as possible into the cavity of the chicken (not silver or plated ones though). Then, place the chicken in a large saucepan or pot and bring the water to the boil slowly. Simmer for 10 minutes, cover and leave until the water is room temperature. The spoons will retain the heat and cook the chicken from the inside out. it will be one of the most succulent chickens you have ever eaten.

Roasted Crisp And Light: if you like crisp-skinned roasties, it is best to parboil them first, but that is only half the story. so, boil the potatoes for five minutes and drain thoroughly. Put the lid on the pan and shake it about violently. Bang it hard on the chopping block several times. The harder the better. Then put the parboiled potatoes in the baking tray with the meat or fowl to cook as you would normally.

Salad Soup: Do not throw away salad that has been soaked in salad dressing. Whisk it up in a food processor with a can of tomatoes of tinned soup. Add lots of garlic to taste and adjust the thickness to suit your taste. Chill it down and you will have one of the most delicious summer soups ever.

Curdling Cure: if your mayonnaise has curdled there is one sure fire way to bring it back to life. stir in a couple of tablespoons of Hellmann’s mayonnaise and your problem will be over.

Simply Scrumptious Topping: a really, quick, delicious and almost infinitely variable topping for a savory pie can be made in seconds. Choose the flavour you want from the crisp rack; puncture the bag to let our the air and then crush the contents in the gag. it really adds something to a pie. The same trick can be used on the bottom of a potato pie a Texan housewife told me.

How to run a Successful Home Restaurant

If you are passionate about good food, and your friends and family rave about your cooking, setting up a home restaurant or supper club might seem a very attractive idea. But to run a successful home restaurant takes a lot more than enthusiasm alone. If you want to get people talking about your pop-up restaurant for all the right reasons you’ll need to approach the project with your sleeves rolled up and your mind set firmly in professional mode. Here is some advice:

• Research. If you’re new to the underground restaurant scene begin by visiting other people’s home restaurants. Listen to the comments of fellow diners and chat to the host. Afterwards, make notes on what you liked and anything you think could be improved. Join social networking websites and find out what other food lovers are talking about. Check out which home restaurants are causing the biggest buzz – and why?

• Plan. Running a home restaurant is a big step up from throwing a dinner party for friends. Every detail has to be as perfect as you can make it. Check, double check, and make lots of lists. How many diners can you seat comfortably in the space available? What equipment will you need for cooking and serving? Who can you rely on to help in the kitchen and front of house?

• Theme. It’s important to give potential diners an idea of what they can expect to find in your home restaurant. Perhaps you love creating meals using fresh, locally sourced produce. Or you might want to specialise in the traditional dishes of a particular country or region, or surprise customers by putting your own modern twist on classic cuisines. Whatever it is, having a clear theme will help to attract people who are interested in your chosen ingredients or style of cooking.

• Menu. Don’t be too ambitious with your first menus. A simple dish cooked to perfection is always more successful than something elaborate but not quite right. Many home restaurants and private dining clubs serve only one main course with perhaps a choice of starters and puddings. Try new recipes on friends and family by all means, but only offer them to paying guests when you know you can cook them well.

• Publicity. Set up a website or blog, join existing websites dedicated to spreading the word about home, pop-up, and underground restaurants, and make your presence known on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Tell your contacts about your plans and ask them to pass on the news to their friends. If you can make your venture sound exciting you’ll soon build up a following of people eager to become your customers.

• Payment. Until you’ve built up a good reputation it’s best to keep your charges modest. If you’re just planning a one-off event for fun you might only charge enough to cover your costs, or ask for donations to a favourite charity. It’s a good idea to set up a ticket or invitation system and run it using a secure online payment portal. When you announce the date(s) your home restaurant will be open, people wanting to attend can request an invitation for which they will pay the whole or part of the cost in advance. They are then less likely to ‘forget’ to turn up, and even if they do, you won’t be out of pocket.

Running a successful home restaurant isn’t easy, but as a way of sharing your love of good food with like-minded people there’s nothing quite as exciting and fulfilling. After your first experience you might decide that it will also be your last! But if you’re keen to do it again you could look into any local authority licensing requirements and develop your pop-up restaurant into a more permanent business.

Cooking Food for Your Dog Against Wellness Pet Food

It is all dependable on time and the convenience available whether to cook or not to cook. So taking this in consideration, most of the people choose packaged food for their pet in order for easiness. It is obvious that cooking takes time, so few of the meal can be made ahead of the time as to make sure that the food is fresh. There are several supplements that should be added to insure that the pet is getting all the nutrients essential for their good health.

But, for some of the pet owners, the recent pet food recall haste them to cook for their Fido giving peace of mind as the list of ingredients lie in front of the owner. You only have to list down the names of those ingredients that may not be good for your pet. Chocolates, raisins, onions and rosemary are some of the toxic substance that shouldn’t be included as pet food.

Yet some dog foods regard rosemary as an ingredient. The pungent oil in this plant will dysfunction the dog’s liver. Onion is the main cause for anemia in dogs and alfalfa is considered as toxin, but yet it is kept in the pet food as a common supplement ingredient. Alfalfa leads to kidney failure as well as salt in dog’s food. You have to choose from the wide variety of product that doesn’t consist of these ingredients like in Wellness dog Food.

The next harmful ingredient in dog food is garlic. Many of the holistic dog food favor for the herb as immune booster but like onion, garlic also cause anemia to dog if they are fed continuously. It will be best no to use it as your dog food ingredients.

Your pet may fall ill more rapidly if such types of ingredients are mixed with their daily diet. Thus the weakened body will not be able to collect the physical strength to withdraw these toxins and the body health will degrade in accelerated rate. You have to choose the toxin free pet food if any kind of health related is seemingly visible.

Many of the holistic health regard this as the life force booster leaving the pet less prone to infestation. And also a periodic rest from these supplements let the dog enhance their tolerance to these supplements or avoid allergy to these substances.

Meat products from Bison and Beef have cooling property that serve settling the excess individuals. Because of the warming properties, chicken and lamb are beneficial to tone deficient constitution. These holistic brands dog food are preserves with Vitamin C and E. If you are the one not preferring to cook for your dog, there is Wellness Brand dog food to support the dog’s health and their daily activities.

Grinding Exotic Ingredients with Pestles and Mortars

In the olden days, people were using pestle and mortar to grind their spices or ingredients. Being the tools often requiring extra power to be utilized, those pairs are now becoming more and more obsolete in favor of more sophisticated equipments that are electronic food processors. People have been so dependant over these equipments they often forget that when the light goes out, they need to find another tool to use if there are ingredients to be grinded.

There are also those who prefer using pestles and mortars to grind some spices inasmuch as they give more textures food processors cannot provide. Based on this, there are still stores out there offering the equipments for people who need them. One of such stores is ProCookdotcodotuk. The website sells people pestles and mortars with various options based on materials, sizes, types, colors, and of course, prices. These are made this way in order to provide possible customers variants of items to be bought.
Interestingly, if one is to buy the tools through the website, the price will be much cheaper. So this is certainly one big advantages someone can obtain if he/she needs the supplied items even when they are on the budget.